Warplanes to Siberia – The Documentary Film

BRAVO 369 Announces PHASE 3 of the Warplanes to Siberia Project!!

Following the highly successful completion of our flight along the North American Leg of the Alaska-Siberia Air Route in the T-6G Texan, BRAVO 369 Founder , Chairman and pilot Jeff Geer announces Phase 3 of the Warplanes to Siberia project; production of a multi-part documentary film series telling the complete and factual untold story of the Alaska-Siberia air route.

BRAVO 369 will soon launch a funding campaign on Indiegogo, a crowd funding site which will allow you to support the production of the amazing untold story from World War II.  Details of the funding campaign will be posted here soon and on our social media sites.

History made. History in the making.

In 2015, to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the BRAVO 369 flight team successfully completed a harrowing re-creation flight of the Alaskan-Siberian air route (ALSIB). This dangerous, 6,000 mile route is virtually unknown, but was part of the massive U.S. Lend-Lease Program: a program that provided U.S. allies, including the Soviet Union, with military aircraft and other supplies to defeat the Nazis. [Learn more]

The BRAVO 369 team, flew the original ALSIB route from Great Falls, Montana through Siberia to Moscow in historic, vintage WWII aircraft. The culmination of this massive undertaking, made possible through the cooperation of the U.S., Canada, and Russia, will become a documentary, Warplanes to Siberia, bringing history alive by showcasing the personal stories from 70 years ago and following the modern-day pilots, both American and Russian, to fly this route since World War II. [Learn more]

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