Our legacy is inspiration

BRAVO 369 Leaders at work

The BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation was founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to education, aviation history, and preservation of historic aircraft. Our main objective is to offer unique educational opportunities for students, teachers and the general public to actively participate in a series of interactive flights and educational aviation projects. One such project currently underway is Warplanes to Siberia.

With the help of our generous donors and corporate sponsors, the BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation funds unique flight projects and scholarship programs for students pursuing college-level studies in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Our legacy is inspiration – to positively motivate and encourage our children and future generations to dream, believe in themselves, strive for excellence and to reach for the stars.

BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation:

  • Is committed to education by supporting STEM programs
  • Provides educational scholarship opportunities
  • Creates factual and informative documentaries based on historic flight re-creation projects
  • Sponsors a “fly-a-veteran” program
  • Is dedicated to preserving historical aircraft
  • Wants to inspire youth worldwide to “aim high”


Fly-a-Veteran Program

45th Mission

In November 2010, the BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation proudly funded the 45th Mission, Joe Moser’s return to the skies in a P-38 Lightning.  Joe was shot down over France during WWII and sent to the infamous Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Nazi Germany. Watch the documentary of Joe’s return to the skies after 65 years.

Produced by BRAVO 369