The BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation announced that it has signed into a sponsorship agreement with Massachusetts-based CloudAhoy, Inc., to provide a unique real-time flying experience for students and the general public. This application combines cockpit data captured during an aircraft’s flight with weather, location, speed, attitude, and other flight characteristics. This will be used as part of the re-creation and film documentary, Warplanes to Siberia, currently in production.

According to Jeff Geer, president of the BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation, “We are developing a new way of involving our viewing audience through a series of unique living historical documentaries incorporating the story of Lend-Lease and the Alaska-Siberia ferrying program into modern technology to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) worldwide. Ours is a story about the secret delivery of nearly 8,000 military aircraft to the Soviet Union during World War II along the Alaska-Siberia Air Route (ALSIB) that runs from Great Falls, Montana through Canada and Alaska, across the Bering Strait and through Siberia to Krasnoyarsk, Russia.” It was one of the great logistical efforts of the 20th century. Continuing, Geer said “what is so amazing is the majority of the world has never heard of ALSIB or knows of the major role that it played during the war in helping the Soviet Union. With CloudAhoy and our in-flight hardware provider, The MVS Group, we will actually be able to virtually bring along our viewers, just as if they are sitting in the cockpit of our heritage World War II aircraft.” 

We will actually be able to virtually bring along our viewers, just as if they are sitting in the cockpit of our heritage World War II aircraft.

CloudAhoy screenshot

Sample Screen from CloudAhoy tracked flight

Chuck Shavit, founder and CEO of CloudAhoy, Inc., adds “Being a pilot as well as a developer of CloudAhoy, I was excited and honored to take part in this project from the moment Jeff contacted us. The excitement grew exponentially as I learned more about the heroic ALSIB flight, about the huge scale and about the bravery of the thousands of men and women from different nations teaming up to make it happen. We’re in business because we love aviation, and we are proudly sponsoring BRAVO 369 for that reason. We are going to provide the technology, and we are also going to be glued to the screen following the flight in real time.”

This project is historically significant in that it will draw global attention to not only the untold story of ALSIB but it will shed light on the friendship and mutual cooperation between Russia and the United States that existed then. Geer continued, “We are delighted to partner with CloudAhoy, who shares our passion for aviation history and educational outreach.”