BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation Organized and Performed a Flyby with WWII Aircraft to Honor 99-Year-Old WASP Pilot Dorothy Olsen at Seattle Museum of Flight

Video Source: Originally reported by KING’s Dan Cassuto.

The BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation performed a flyby in honor of Women Airforce Service Pilot Dorothy Olsen who celebrated her 99th birthday during a special event on Saturday, July 11, at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.

Jeff Geer, President and Chairman of the BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation said, “It is a great honor for us to recognize Dorothy on her 99th birthday and for her courageous achievements as part of the United States Lend-Lease program over 70 years ago. Dorothy was a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots and flew numerous types of military aircraft, ferrying them from the manufacturing plants to various military airfields across the U.S. for delivery to the battlefronts during World War II. She is, and will always be, a role model for all women in aviation.”

Debbie Jennings, a WASP history consultant for the BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation said, “The WASP were the first women pilots to deliver American military aircraft in WWII. The women “Ferry Command” groups were a critical part of the war effort when male pilots were sent into combat and aircraft production was at an all-time high. WASP pilots flew over 60 million miles in 77 different types of aircraft. Twenty-seven qualified pursuit pilots based at the 3rd Ferry Group in Romulus, MI delivered the bulk of the planes destined to the Russian as part of the Lend-Lease program. Dorothy was one of a small number of ferry pilots to achieve a Class IV rating and delivered 28 types of aircraft from her base – the 6th Ferry Group in Long Beach, CA. All WASP first checked out in the AT-6 Texan during advanced training. This Flyby by the BRAVO 369 team is very exciting and all WASP attending Dorothy’s 99th Birthday party can hardly wait!”

Aircraft included in the flyby were three, North American T-6 Texans. One of the T-6’s is being flown by Geer in the Warplanes to Siberia project beginning July 17 and was the subject of a presentation at the Museum of Flight on July 11.

Geer continued, “What an amazing lady! On the behalf of our country and the freedom we all have come to treasure, thank you Dorothy for a job well done.”