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In addition to the history being explored by the BRAVO 369 flight team, the technology being deployed will bring the Warplanes to Siberia flight directly into the classroom and your personal computer in real time using software developed by CloudAhoy.

Originally, BRAVO 369 sought to develop our own apps to integrate live data streams from aircraft instruments and systems to create a virtual flight experience. However, the interface developed by CloudAhoy is so similar to what we wanted to develop, that we are excited to partner with them to provide this virtual flight experience for you. It will be just like piloting the T-6G Texan with the ability to see the surrounding terrain from the cockpit just as T-6G Texan pilot, Jeff Geer, will see it during his flights.

 About CloudAhoy

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CloudAhoy develops and sells flight debriefing product for pilots. During the flight, location data and other flight data is collected and sent to CloudAhoy’s servers. CloudAhoy provides a comprehensive flight debriefing: 2D or 3D flight track, VFR and IFR charts, profiles, detailed maneuver analysis including instrument approaches, wind data, and more.

CloudAhoy is used daily by weekend pilots, professional pilots, the military, student pilots, flight instructors, search and rescue, aerial photography and more.  CloudAhoy’s users fly airplanes, helicopters, and gliders.

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“When Bravo 369 approached us for help, it did not take us long to reply with an excited Yes. The little-known story of the Alaskan-Siberian flight during WWII almost sounds like a plot of a fictional Hollywood movie; except that it was very real, a story of thousands of men and women flying the heroic route. We are in this business because we love aviation, and Bravo 369 inspired us to volunteer our time and resources. We have been working with the Bravo 369 team, and developed features especially for Bravo 369, to help them share this unusual flight and its unusual story with everybody who has interest in aviation and history.”